Can I work offline?

Currently, you do need Internet access to use the RubricKing web application. Given the nature of sensitive assessment data, it is currently our choice to not store that data on user devices in order to harden security of user data.

What is causing crazy point values in the rubric editor?

Our rubric editor doesn't store point values as all other rubric implementations do. In point mode, it will allow you to model levels and dimensions using the language of points. In percentage mode, it will allow you to use whole percentages and weighting of dimensions. Either way, the editor calculates the lowest possible whole point representation to represent relative value across the entire rubric according to each moment that the user inputs any new information. (It also reorders the rubric according to value highest to lowest on each update.)

It is suggested to stick to one entry method or the other until you get the hang of it. If your rubric seems like it "jumped the shark", use the percentage mode to edit each dimension back to a weight of 1- then edit from there in your preferred method (points or percentages).

Does RubricKing support extra-credit?

No, RubricKing stores rubrics in a way that all possible credit is applied an idea of rubric "wholeness" - in order words, it is impossible to exceed 100%.

However, users can implement separate dimensions where they only score that dimension where it applies to certain students. This method can be used to differentiate their scoring to boost credit earned by those individuals.

Is RubricKing a gradebook?

RubricKing is not designed to function as a gradebook, although RubricKing can resemble a gradebook in many ways.

Where gradebooks typically calculate based on total points accumulated during a period of time, RubricKing reports across the body of work for groups and individuals is based on the use of input and arrangement of assignments into user-assigned folders. In this deign, missing assignments and missing scored dimensions do not negatively affect reports showing that which was measured per group or individual.

There are ways to implement RubricKing as a gradebook (contact us if you are interested on Facebook), but again, it is not designed for that specific purpose.