Metric List

The metrics list is located in the menu bar of the Rubric Library.

On the metrics list page, new metrics can be added from the menu bar. Edit existing metrics by tapping on them.

Metrics are made of two parts - a tag (a short unique name) and its description - a full definition for that item.


There are five (5) categories of metrics from which to create tags for rubric dimensions:

  1. Standards
    Usually a coded system to describe learning benchmarks.

  2. Concepts
    Keywords or overarching ideas to track.

  3. Cognitive Levels
    The demand of the task - Bloom's taxonomy is an example.

  4. Behaviors
    Non-academic observable and trackable items.

  5. Measurement Modes
    A way to tracking how the data was collected (project based, verbal presentation, homework, classwork, etc.)

Attaching to Dimensions

In the rubric editor, double-tap or use the dimension vertical ellipses to open the dimension editor. Under the 'Attach Metrics' field, begin typing any words associated to your tag or description. Click on your selection (turns to grey pill) - add more or save.

Dimensions will show attached metrics as pills with the tag and associated icon for the category.