Master Population List

The population list should contain each individual's information only once, regardless of how many groups they will appear in later. Each RubricKing Premium Account allows up to 200 individuals per account. The total number of individuals loaded is shown in the menu bar.

The list contains up to four pieces of information:

  1. Last Name

  2. First Name

  3. Student ID optional
    This is a local identification number only used in csv grade downloads to match and properly import into existing grading systems.

  4. Email Address(es) optional
    This allows RubricKing to directly email scoring and feedback from our servers at the user's command. The individual can unsubscribe which will disable this feature per individual request.

Edit Master List

Individual members can be added by pressing the 'New' button in the menu bar.

To edit individual's information, tapping on their button opens the editing view. Id's and emails are purposefully not shown in the master list.

Uploading Your Population

Upload a CSV File

Choose 'Upload a CSV File' from the menu bar. Please be sure that the first row of your CSV data includes column header names (e.g. 'first','last','id','email'). Common variants are also accepted.

The upload process will confirm the data before committing it. Simply follow the on-screen prompts.

Copy and Paste from Table

For those not comfortable with CSV files, you can copy and paste your data from a spreadsheet.

Choose 'Copy and Paste from Table' from the menu bar. Follow on-screen prompts to copy from the spreadsheet and paste the data into the workspace in RubricKing. Labels for this mode must be exact for the first row: 'Last Name', 'First Name', 'Local ID' and 'Email'. Adjust it in the spreadsheet before copying it, or adjust it in the workspace after pasting but before pressing the 'Check Data' button.

Once you use the 'Check Data' button, you will see which information RubricKing identified correctly. Once you are satisfied, you can check the 'Yes, Upload' checkbox and commit the names into your master list.

Wiping Student Data

If you wish to reset your account for a new cycle or just to remove any student data from our servers, go to your account page (drop down from the upper-most, right side). The option to wipe student data is there, and the process requires you to enter your password.

Wiping student data only removes the master list of individuals' scoring and personally identifying information. Groups you created with your account will remain with zero memberships, and all created rubrics will still remain.