On the Groups page, click on the cabinet icon in the menu bar and select 'Create New Group'. Name your group. Keep in mind that groups are listed in alphabetical order on the groups page.

Select the type of CSV download you need (requires IDs or emails in your population list.) See the next section.

If you are editing a group, you have the additional option to 'Archive' a group. Archiving removes the group from active lists, but it retains all membership and scoring data. If a group is archived, the group page will include an archive menu item that lists archived groups. Deselect the archive checkbox to reactivate an archived group.

CSV Download Types and Formats

If an assignment is default percentage mode, the score will be presented in whole numbers out of 100.

If a point value was given to an assignment, the score will include the total point value earned. Any differentiated scores will have point values inflated to reflect the average of scored areas. Non-scored areas will not result in lost credit.

"Standard" Format
Row1: 'Student ID','Last','First','Assignment','Score'
...student data

"Canvas: Local ID as SIS ID" Format
*Most universities will import with this method / Canvas section name must match RK group name
Row1: Student, ID, SIS User ID, SIS Login ID, Section, [assignment_name]
Row2: Points Possible, , , , [score_possible]
Row3+ ...student data

"Canvas: Local ID as SIS ID" Format
*Free versions of Canvas will import with this method / Canvas section name must match RK group name
Row1: Student, ID, SIS User ID, SIS Login ID, Section, [assignment_name]
Row2+: ...student data

"Moodle" Format
Row1: username, [assignment_name]
Row2+: ...student data

NOTE - If another format is needed for your management system, please send your system name and details for the format needed to


Group Layout

Folders in the current view are listed first, alphabetically. Assignments are listed newest (according to their assignment date) on top.

  • Group Name shows the current group.

  • Folder Management edits the current folder or add another folder to the current view. Bookmarking a folder allows a quick link from the home screen of RK directly to the marked folder.

  • Filtered View shows all work in the current view including subfolders for an individual in the group.

  • Metrics Report opens analysis of any and all attached metrics to graded assignments in the current folder inclusive of any subfolders.

  • Open Assignment View shows and allows scoring for the assignment.

  • Assignment Quick Menu provides quick links to useful tasks.

  • Move Assignment opens a list of folders in the group to which to move an assignment.

  • Scoring Indicator shows number of students receiving some form of score based on group size (viewing scores updates the progress bar)

Creating Assignments

Assignments begin by locating the rubric you wish to use in the Rubric Library. Either in the library view (quick link) or from the rubric editor (menu item), select the 'Create Assignment' button.

Set the:

  • name of the assignment

  • select the group to receive the assignment

  • enter a point value or leave that field blank for percentages
    RK suggests a value that allows whole points for all scoring levels based upon the rubric model.

  • select another date for the assignment if it is not the current date

After entering that information, the assignment view immediately opens in the appropriate group. If you would like to assign the same item to other groups, use the back button and select another group.


At any point, the user may edit the assignment name, point value or date. Assignment editing can be found in the dropdown menu for each assignment (left-most button in the group view) or from the menu bar in the assignment view.

Assignments can only be deleted from the group view. Confirmation to delete is required.


Using the folder menu item, users can create folders to move assignments into logical groupings. Arranging assignments into folders provides the metrics report scope for which assignments to include.


Assignment Layout

Group Name - current group
Edit Menu - edit assignment or rubric
Toggle Banded Scoring - switch to group grading view
Assignment Title - current assignment's name
Output Options - print feedback or download csv file
Group Assignment Report - Statistics on group performance
Open Individual Scoring - opens rubric for scoring one person
Email Feedback - opens dialog to preview or send email from RK servers
Open Individual Assignment Report - Shows individual performance, relative performance of individual against group and history on rubric if available.

*Scores with asterisks do not have every dimension scored. These scores are calculated only on credit assigned. Missing dimensions are not held against credit. Any zeros must be available and selected from the rubric.


Select the radio options for each dimension. When all dimensions contain a score, the grading button will turn green. The 'Save' button must be pressed to record the assessment.

A feedback textbox is available at the bottom of the rubric.

Banded Scoring

Group Name - current group
Edit Menu - edit assignment or rubric
Toggle Banded Scoring Off - return to assignment view
Highlighter Tool - highlight selected individuals to find easily between dimension tabs - press tool again to release highlights
Dimension Tabs - show banded scoring for various dimensions in rubric
Toggle All Select - selects or deselects all individuals in the current scoring level
Move Selected to Unscored Band - moves and removes scores for selected individuals in that dimension
Move Selected to Scoring Band - moves and scores selected individuals in that dimension
Individual Select Buttons - toggles selection of individuals to score or highlight