A snapshot is a static and shareable version of the rubric.

  • Snapshots can be shared publicly by sharing the link. This allows non-users with the link to view and test scoring scenarios.

  • Snapshots can be imported by other RubricKing users when given a link to an active snapshot.

    • Other RK users have the option to import a copy of a snapshot as an editable rubric in their rubric library. That copy is completely independent of the original user's snapshot or originating rubric and will always be initally placed in the 'Imported' folder in the root view of the importer's rubric library.

  • Users can use snapshots (without sharing the link) to create their own rubric templates. When viewing their own snapshot, a user can import it, giving themselves an exact copy to work into another, new rubric in their library.

  • To update an existing snapshot to a newer version, the user must remove the old snapshot first. Open the snapshot and use the snapshot icon in the menu bar to select 'Delete Snapshot'. The view will drop back to the original rubric, where it can be shared again. The shared link will not change.

  • If you no longer wish to share your rubric, simply delete the snapshot.

  • Premium users - Printed feedback of assignments with rubric snapshots will include the QR code linking to the snapshot. This is for feedback receivers to view the entire rubric.

  • Premium users - Any metrics attached to dimensions by the originating snapshot will be also imported automatically. If you already have the same tag in your metrics list, your definition will remain intact.

Create a snapshot from the editor

Import or Delete from the Snapshot